Lunar is Messy & Tinsle’s 2nd Born Son. Like his older Brother, Emiliano, he has a deep connection with his Father, Messy. He's got a strong personality and strives to be like his Idol, Lunar. He's got definite Sweet tooth; he eats quite a few Sweets. Like his Father, he's a Bundle of joy. He's developing his fangs to learn Poison Fang. Lunar Freeze's signature Diapers are Psychic Type Diapers. They may look Girly, but, because Lunar Freeze is a Baby Umbreon, he doesn't care one bit, he has no shame to show off his Psychic Type Diapers or who sees him wearing them. He loves them. Lunar also has a Pink Crib to match his Diapers & a Blue Blanket to match his Blue Rings. He’s as cute as his father. He’s a precious little Umbreon & can tire himself out in like 20 minutes, then he’s fast asleep. He’ll even get me to babysit him & play too.

He is also part of the LuxrayTale Undertale AU.

His sleeping Art is by Frostile.

His Art that has him with his Daddy & Brother, Emiliano, is by TehShinySylveon.

Diapered Art by Ya-King

Art with his tongue out by LuxrayBlast.