Goth is the child of Geno & Reaper!Sans.

X Event Cross is Goth's friend


Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Goth is a skeleton with a hooded cloak that looks like Death’s but instead, it is the color white to resemble Geno's clothes. Red and white glitch-like particles surround around him.

His torn red scarf was given to him by Geno.

Underneath the cloak, Goth wears a black top with white shoes and ripped shorts.

Personality Edit

Goth is a flexible tape.

He's pretty relaxed/easygoing and silent, he can also be dramatic and childish sometimes.

He makes offensive jokes. While Death/Reaper is more into dark humor, Goth’s topic is more on the everyday lives, laughing at others’ misery and such.

But despite that, he doesn’t always open up about his actual feelings to anyone.

Goth also adores stars. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • He often floats to cover up how short he is.[2]
  • Goth is short because he has Geno’s ‘DNA’ (Geno lost more than half of his bones due to dusting.)[3]
  • Originally, Nekophy was going to use ‘Afterdeath’ (his parents‘ ship name) as his name like 7goodangel did for Paper Jam (one of Ink!Sans x Error!Sans‘s ship name). She just used ‘Goth’ instead from the combination of Geno and Death.[4]