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Freak is the offspring of Horror Sans and Ink Sans.

Apperance Edit

Freak is a skeleton born from Horror Sans and Ink sans so there is obviously a bit of both. He has a genetic crack in his head on the opposite side of where Horror's is. Also, instead of using paint and pencils like Ink, Freak uses clay sculpting tools. He has a brown hoodie with a backpack, often carrying plenty of clay and water. He also learned to wield an axe from Horror.

Personality Edit

Freak is a very mixed character throughout life. Sometimes he's a hero, fighting off the Errors, earning the respect of other AUs, other times he'd rather just go back to bed. But mainly, he just feels split, as in his soul is uneasy, however he hides it from Ink and Horror, in fear that they will be disappointed. This eventually starts taking a tone on his physical body, making him, well, a freak. Eventually Ink and Horror find out and call Science Sans to help out. Eventually they have to call for Error to destroy the split in his soul.

Abilities Edit

Being from two sanses, there is not much to get, however he has bones, the "Blue heart" soul mode, a mastery of axe-handling and clay warriors at his disposal. However, he does not have Gaster blasters as the split in his soul makes him unable to control them without support. He also leaned how to use the green soul mode From classic Undyne.

Trivia Edit

Ink and horror were originally going to call him mould, however when they learned what he looked like, with half of his upper skull missing, they called him Freak Sans, or Freak for short.

Freak loves trucks, diggers etc.

He has a crush on Calibri.