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Epic!Sans is a character from Epictale, an alternate universe created by Yugogeer012. He also happens to not be an offspring/ship child, despite him being on this wiki.


He loves to say "Bruh" often, often replacing words with it. He's generally laid-back and casual, similar to classic Sans. He gave himself the title of "Epic!Sans" just because it sounds cool. In the right conditions, he becomes a nerd comparable to that of Alphys. Epic!Sans tends to be a huge flirt to anyone he finds cute. Whenever he's around his best friend Cross (From Xtale), he often engages in meme-related antics.

However, when the situation calls, he can be serious and shows uncharacteristic maturity when doing so, despite the omnipresent appearance of his favorite phrase "bruh". Epic!Sans isn't the kind of person who easily forgives, especially when he's betrayed. He'll fight for his friends, even at the cost of his own life.

In the original story, Epic!Sans was a fusion of Sans and Gaster (source of his scar). His personality was a mix of both Gaster and Sans. To be specific, 90% Sans and 10% Gaster.

In the reboot, he's mostly the same, except he isn't fused with Gaster at all. His role stays mostly the same.


Epic!Sans wears a black and purple long-tailed trench coat that has a Half-Soul and white ribbon on its back. He wears black gloves that allow his skeletal fingers to show. For his bottoms, he wears black striped pants that are tucked into his boots.

Like Classic Sans, his eyes are typically simple white pupils. These pupils can also disappear completely.

A magical purple eye can also manifest in his left eye socket. While Epic!Sans does demonstrate the ability to form it from his own will, it can also appear by itself when he's emotionally unstable or focused.


Original Story:[]

(Information Here)

According to Yugo, Epic's powers are purely only from Gaster, and none from Sans.


Epic Blasters[]

Epic Blasters are large dragon-like skulls that fire large blasts of magical energy. Originally, they were just like Classic Sans' Gaster Blasters. After Epic's upgrades, they've become the Epic Blasters.

Epic Blasters create balls of energy before seemingly firing it out as a beam. These blasters function similarly to that of Classic Sans' blasters, but on a more destructive scale - they have far more power. When three are fired into the same area, it creates a blast comparable to that of a nuke, as it dwarves the trees found in Snowdin[1]. The Epic Blasters can turn while firing as well, so they can chase down targets with their beams (which seemed to curve as they turned).

They also have more utility than normal Gaster Blasters, as they have been seen being used for ramming and biting[2]. Epic!Sans was also shown to kick the balls of energy from his Epic Blasters. As stated by Yugo, these balls can even be used as a Rasengan[3].

On top of that, when three blasters are combined prior to being fired, they combine into a beam much stronger and concentrated as opposed to only firing one[4]. The destructive power of this blast is unknown, as the effects on its surroundings, nor its scale, were not shown to us.

Bone Manipulation/Bone Magic[]

Similarly to Classic Sans, he has the ability to summon bones from surfaces or thin air. Unlike Classic Sans though, the bones Epic!Sans uses are more abundant, large and damage.

Blue Magic[]

Similarly to Classic Sans, Epic!Sans possesses blue magic. Blue Magic allows the user to teleport or forcefully move around souls with telekinesis.

It's almost completely the same, but its telekinetic properties were far stronger. Epic!Sans was able to use the telekinetic elements of blue magic without having to use his hands whatsoever. Moreover, it seems he's able to use it in faster succession, as well as do more damage with it (>1 Damage).

Whether or not Epic!Sans can teleport his victim like Classic Sans in his last phase is not stated.

Magic Absorption[]

Through the holes in his hand, Epic!Sans was able to absorb magical blasts, such as blasts from his own Epic Blasters. Then, he was able to fire back the energy he obtained in a beam. It also seems that it empowers the energy it obtains, at least, if Epic wasn't bluffing.

Not much is known about this ability. Its limits are unknown.


Impressive Agility[]

Similarly to Classic Sans, he was able to dodge close-ranged weapon slashes. However, the extent of his agility is unknown. Epic!Sans was seen dodging numerous consecutive slashes by Gaster!Frisk, who wielded a stick imbued with determination (?). The power and speed of these swings are unknown.

Karmic Retribution (?)[]

Identically to Classic Sans, Epic!Sans has the ability to place a poison-like effect on his opponent. Whether or not this is actually Karmic Retribution is not stated.


Cheat Death[]

Due to his magic eye, he was unable to die. If you are able to kill him, he will always be back in an instant. Until the eye is taken, Epic!Sans could not truly die. To make matters worse, the aforementioned eye cannot be destroyed.

Extra Information[]

During his battle with Gaster!Frisk, he demonstrates an impressive level of creativity, skill, and reaction time. This is most likely due to his dreams. In layman's terms, he has over 20 YEARS of battle experience. He had to endure intense battles in his nightmares every single night for who-knows-how-long. Subsequently, he is one of the most experienced Sans' in the multiverse for his age and universe. He is very sexy and he is Texan, because he is caught frequently saying "Ya'll" in the series Underverse.

However, despite granting him a lot of abilities, his eye also is his greatest weakness. If Gaster were to catch him off-guard and forcibly take his eye, he would lose many of his abilities, like his ability to cheat death. (Epic!Gaster and Yugogeer012 herself are the only people who could remove a magic eye[5]. Epic!Sans himself spent years trying to remove it in futility.)


He also occasionally uses a rubber chicken for melee attacks.

Battle With Cross:[]

(Take all this with a grain of salt, as this entire comic was made purely for fun)

Enhanced Strength[]

He is seen clashing against Cross with a rubber chicken, putting a crack in the ground. The force needed to even do that with a rubber chicken...

Staggering Durability[]

Epic is seen enduring a blast from Cross completely unscathed. This blast causes a large explosion; one large enough to be seen from outer space. The blast also seems to be sending shock waves throughout at least half the entire planet.

Martial Arts...?[]

Epic is seen doing a 'Karate Kick!' to kick a rubber chicken out of Cross' hand.

The Power Of God And Anime[]

As he "BOI"s Cross, a wave of energy is ejected from his hand. This raw power of this blast is not known, but it is seen clashing against Cross' Hyper Shield (Dab), creating shock waves. Upon adding his other hand, this blast is strengthened, completely overpowering Cross.


Original Story[]

Due to unknown circumstances, he ended up fusing with Gaster. When the original comic picks up, Sans is the royal scientist and uncle to Asriel (due to having been Asgore's childhood friend). It's insinuated he got Tori and Asgore together because he's referred to as the king's wing-man. Just before his battle with a possessed Chara, he creates the Epic Blasters.

The first stage of the comic ends with his death and the erasure of the monster kingdom at the hands of Neutral!Frisk, a version of Frisk that controls six other human souls. Neutral!Frisk resets after killing both Asriel and Chara, and the second arc of the comic starts with a redesigned and perhaps younger Sans meeting a naive Frisk.


The New Timeline/Mini reboot starts with Gaster assaulting and taking Frisk's soul in an attempt to wipe out humanity but is ultimately fatally wounded by Frisk's determination. Gaster instead takes Frisk's soul and goes into hiding, leaving no traces to be found. Later, it is found that he was hiding in a hidden lab found in Snowdin, being assisted by G Followers. Since Frisk had previously promised Sans that they'll never reset, they could not reset to undo this incident, despite wanting to and being justified to do so.

In a side comic called "No Pain No Gain[6]", Yugo reveals that Sans received a magic eye from Gaster through experimentation, unlike Papyrus, who had it since birth. Through this eye, he gains the ability to use Bone Magic, control Gaster Blasters (Which were later upgraded into Epic Blasters), use blue magic, and essentially become unable to die. On top of that, the eye gets stronger every time Epic!Sans fights.


However, these perks came at a cost; since the eye given to him by Gaster rejected him, he would get nightmares every night where he would battle mysterious creatures. The longer he battled, the longer he slept. Since his eye feeds on his experiences, both he and the creatures got stronger every time Epic!Sans battled. The pain, whenever he got injured in these dreams, was excessively realistic. Eventually, these nightmares got to him and he tried in every way to remove his eye. In fact, the scar located on his left eye socket is a result of it. In time, he eventually learned how to cope with it, gaining his concerningly casual attitude.

6 years later; After resisting for so long, Frisk runs out of determination and Gaster successfully fuses with Frisk. As he does, Sans infiltrates the secret lab but was too late to prevent the fusion. Before Frisk is gone, they have a conversation with Sans, ending with Sans reassuring them that "We'll reach out to you". As Frisk is lost to the darkness, Sans finds himself in what seems like the Final Corridor/Judgement Hall with Gaster!Frisk, the completed fusion.


After a brief conversation, Sans attacks Gaster!Frisk, to which Gaster gets annihilated. Gaster loads a file and prepares to do battle with Sans once again. He summons a stick, and swings at Sans, forming a crevice in the ground. Sans barely dodges and prepares for the real fight. After a brief battle, Gaster is once again killed and loads a save file again. Gaster tries again but dies once more. In a fit of determination, his soul refuses to die and engages Sans in a battle once again. He dodges and misses, but is able to eventually catch Sans off guard. Gaster enters his tiny top hat and as it approaches Sans from behind, his arm emerges from the top hat and Gaster is able to steal Sans' magical eye, rendering Sans useless. Gaster, using Sans' blasters, offers Sans a chance to give up and live in exchange for letting Gaster pass, but Sans refuses.


Gaster charges up the Epic Blasters and fires. Sans is relieved to finally die, but, upon remembering Frisk, pulls the ace up his sleeve and absorbs the blast. However, Gaster has his own trump card; He has 3 Epic Blasters combine their energy prior to firing, increasing their firepower. Sans takes his last stand and gets in a stance every seasoned anime fan would recognize - the one and only: The Kamehameha. Sans and Gaster charge up their respective beams and fire. The beams unite in a blinding beam clash, sending tremors all throughout Snowdin. Their beams continue to strengthen, each side powering up just a bit more. But in the end, Gaster prevails, and Sans is engulfed in the blast. As his soul cracks, he reassures Frisk one last time and apologizes to his brother.

His very last words were:

"ngl I would've whooped his wingding ass if he didn't steal my glowing eye bruh-"


  • His first words were "BRUH".
  • He has "multiple girlfriends".
  • His favorite snacks are cookies.
  • He is generally regarded as a Weeb/Otaku.
  • He is confirmed to be an upcoming guest character on the Youtube series "Underverse", which follows the adventures of numerous Sans' in a multiversal incident known as the "X-Event".
  • His theme for his appearance in the Underverse series is Bruh, composed by NyxTheShield.
  • According to Yugogeer012, his official voice is MrAmazinVA.
  • He is "B R U H S E X U A L"
  • Epic!Sans' eye is artificial, given to him by Gaster , with its power allowing to resurrect people. Papyrus was born with his eye, unlike Sans.
  • Sans never had a good night's sleep after he received the eye from Gaster.
  • Under certain circumstances, his abilities may be enhanced for the sake of satire; the Battle With Cross is an example of this.
  • According to Yugo, his greatest fear is his own purple eye[7].
  • Yugogeer012 seems to dislike Sans' (And their Fanboys/girls)[8], including her own, stating that she gets bored drawing Epic!tale whenever she draws Sans[9].



Extra References[]

Epic!Sans Reference Sheet: https://yugogeer012.tumblr.com/post/638480744993472512

Epic's Age: https://imgur.com/a/mMzmzAu

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