Cil (for pencil) is a son of paperjam and fresh

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Cil is a black Parasite/Skelpainton, He wears a blue, yellow, and green jacket, a purple shirt, blue and black shorts, green, blue, pink, orange- laced shoes. He also has bits and pieces of himself floating around, most of them floating around his head, he also wares a headband that says 'YoLo'. Also, Cil got his sexiness from Paperjam, and his idiotism from Fresh.

Parasite Edit

Cil is a small starfish-like creature consisting of a large red and green 'eye' surrounded by teeth. His Soul is entirely made out of ink with A Half of Fresh's soul, also this is known as a Parasite.

Skelpainton Edit

Cil is a being entirely made of paint, having bits and pieces of himself floating around. Most of these bits are around his head. The main colour of his paint is black, with having purple, blue, and green colours within his clothing and features. He has mostly yellow eyes, with the left eye being in a heart shape.Also has the ability to morph his hands and make some bodys soul turn gray which means its gonna lose its power.Also has a high chance of turning into dust by doing nothing

He wears a blue/green jacket, purple shirt, a yellow belt, cyan/black shorts, purple ‘leggings’, and white shoes.

Personality Edit

  • He has the capability to feel, but generally only outside of being a parasite and not all the time. When he does though, it tends to be in the extremes.
  • He loves to draw and tends to speak in the fresh lingo.
  • He is very defensive when it comes to him being a parasite or an “abomination” and will defend himself.
  • He tries to be happy, but he’s often confused and unsure of himself.
  • NOTE: Can be female.

Relationships Edit

Cray Edit

  • Cray is the younger brother of Cil, he always wants to protect Cray.
  • Cray is usually the one that cheers Cil up.
  • They both like to draw together.