Baku is the offspring of Nightmare!Sans. She is the twin sister of Mare.

Appearance Edit

Baku has short black hair that goes a couple of inches above shoulder length. Part of her hair also goes over one of her black eyes. She is also a skeleton and wears mostly black. She wears a necklace with a skull on it.

Personality Edit

Baku is evil and unpredictable like her father. She can be manipulative. She can appear friendly when first meeting her but she often betrays and/or manipulates others.

Abilities Edit

Baku can teleport to other AUs, yet she can't enter AUs that are positive. She can also hide in shadows, making her less visible, but she can't use any other power in the shadows. She can stare into other people's eyes and make them hallucinate, making them see Baku's appearance look like their fears.

Baku's biggest ability is to destroy dreams other people have, which makes her stronger.

Kinetic Abilities Edit

Koniokinesis Edit

Baku can manipulate Dust from a dead monster, making it look like the monster isn't actually dead. This only lasts for a couple of seconds.

Vitrikinesis Edit

Baku can manipulate mirrors to change the reflection of whatever is there.

Trivia Edit

  • Baku's name is actually a name from a Japanese spirit which is a supernatural being that devours dreams and nightmares